How versatile are engraved drinking glasses?

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No matter what you like to drink or the occasion, engraved drinking glasses enhance the drinking experience.

Whether you want a refreshing glass of wine after a hard day’s work, or you want to mix a cocktail for a special friend, serve the drink in an engraved wine glass.

Glasses for any occasion

Personalised glasses make an extra special present to give for a wedding, anniversary or birthday. Add the recipient’s name, the date, and a personal message that marks the occasion.

Choose from wine glasses, champagne flutes, shot glasses, beer tankards and brandy glasses. Whatever people drink, there is a glass for it. Plain glass drinkware is stylish, but for extra luxury, choose a crystal glass.

A customised glass is treasured for years. It can be displayed proudly on a shelf or in a display cabinet, ready to be bought out for more special occasions.

The benefits of personalised gifts

Engraved drinking glasses are a special form of a personalised gift in that they are a way to show how much you care for someone. The words engraved on the glasses express your feelings about the person. They make a gift unique to them, and one nobody else has. The message on the glass can be humorous, formal or practical.

If you find yourself stuck on what to buy someone, treat them to engraved drinking glasses. If it is a special occasion, give champagne glasses that are filled for a toast. Enhance the experience of wine tasting with engraved wine glasses.

Many younger people like shots, so give them engraved shot glasses. Lovers of traditional beer claim that beer tastes better from a tankard with a handle, so why not give them a pack of real ale bottles with an engraved tankard?

Engraved drinking glasses for business

Companies can give personalised gifts to promote their brand. Regular clients love to be treated as a VIP. They respond to special offers such as discount codes and bonus items, but not every transaction with a valued customer needs to be about making money from them. Give them the gift of a personalised engraved glass with their name on it as an expression of gratitude for their custom. Giving gifts that are useful and have value help raise customer loyalty, which leads to repeat business.

It is traditional at Christmas to give a bottle of spirits to the top clients. Make the gift more special by including engraved drinking glasses.

Engraved drinking glasses for every budget

Engraved drinking glasses are a luxury gift that does not have to cost a fortune. Many engraved glasses cost less than $10, and shot glasses can be lower still in price. The price you pay includes the engraving and a standard logo.

If you have a larger budget, go for a premium quality crystal glass.

If several friends are gathering for a special occasion, buy them all an engraved champagne flute for a special toast. Each one can include the guest’s name. Long after the occasion has been held, looking at the engraved champagne glass reminds everyone of how special the celebration was.

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