The benefits of engraved glass gifts

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Personalised gifts are ideal for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries. One of the most popular forms of personalised gifts is engraved glassware. Here are some of the reasons for this:

Boost your relationship

Engraving a glass gift makes it unique and boosts the relationship between the giver and receiver. It shows that the giver has taken extra care to add a personal message to the gift, and affirms that there is a special connection between the two people.

Suited to all

There is a wide range of glass gifts available to suit everyone. There are drinking glasses for people who love beer, wine or spirits. A bottle of champagne combined with an engraved champagne flute, for example, is an extra special luxury gift.

A personalised engraved glass present is great for special occasions, or it can simply be given in gratitude for a valued friendship. Family members create awards for “the best mum” or an “always there for me sister”.

Engraved vases, bowls and decorative paperweights look great in the home and can be proudly displayed in a prominent location.

Great for business use

Engraved glasses can be used by employers to recognise outstanding employee performance. Crystal glassware rewards VIP clients, recognising their contribution to the business.

High-quality engraved drinking glasses will be kept and used often. Each time a client drinks from their glass, they are reminded of the company brand. A brand logo engraved on glassware further raises brand awareness.

Makes gift shopping easier

It is often difficult to know what to get someone for Christmas or birthdays. Some people seem to have everything they need. If you don’t know a person very well, you may not know their tastes.

Personalised gifts make buying presents easier. The recipient of the gift may have plenty of drinking glasses, but will probably not have one personalised with their name and a message praising them.


No one wants to appear to be stingy when it comes to present giving. At the same time, many people are having to reduce their budget for gifts due to their income being reduced because of the coronavirus pandemic. Engraved glasses start at less than £10, including engraving, making them a high-quality, personal and cost-effective gift. Those with a larger budget could opt for a crystal glass gift.

Makes ordinary gifts extraordinary

Bottles of wine and spirits are traditional presents given at Christmas by individuals and businesses alike. To add a special touch, combine the gift bottles with drinking glasses engraved with the person’s name.

Flowers are another popular way to make someone feel special. The problem with flowers is that they fade and wilt after a few days. Gifting flowers with an engraved glass vase to put them in provides the recipient with a long-lasting gift, as the vase can still be used long after the flowers are thrown away.
Engraved glassware transforms an ordinary gift into an extraordinary one, and makes a perfect present for Christmas.

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