Engraved flutes, the luxury gift that shows you care

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Champagne is the traditional toast for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, 21st birthdays and Valentine’s Day. Champagne is a luxury drink that needs a glass to match it, and engraved glass flutes complement the taste of your favourite tipple.

Why the flute shape?

Champagne was traditionally drunk from a champagne coupe, a board bowled shallow glass. This style went out of fashion in the 1980s because it had a design flaw; the wide brim meant that the champagne bubbles, the carbonation, were released quickly and the champagne could lose its signature fizz.

The inward taper of the flute shape reduces the surface area and retains carbonation. The more bubbles there are in the champagne, the greater the texture in the drinker’s mouth. The flute’s narrow shape reduces the oxygen-to-wine ratio and this increases the aroma and taste of the champagne. Champagne flutes are elegant looking and have practical advantages over other glass shapes.

Although you can drink champagne out of any glass, or even a plastic cup, the flute shape is preferred by discerning drinkers. If you are spending premium prices for decent quality champagne, it’s a waste to use cheap wine glasses.

A lasting gift

Champagne celebrates a special occasion, but it is not a lasting experience. A flute can be engraved with a personal message to mark the occasion. It will become a treasured possession that lasts long after the champagnes bottle has been finished.

An engraved flute can be a simple glass piece that can be purchased for under £10 or could be the finest crystal costing over £100. Flutes can be engraved with any message and can even include an image.

There are many occasions when it is ideal to give an engraved flute as a gift that shows you care. Traditional occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays are perfect for marking with engraved flutes. Businesses can give engraved flutes for special achievements by employees.

Sometimes, people help you at challenging times of life. You may want to give them more than a thank you. A personalised engraved flute is a unique way of expressing gratitude. Simply engraving the words “thank you” on the glass shows someone that you care about them.

Engraved flutes can be purchased with presentation boxes. After the champagne toast, many recipients of the glasses will not want to return them to the box. Engraved flutes are proudly displayed in the home or in the office. There is no law that says that they can only be used for one champagne toast, neither is there one that champagne can only be drink from them on a special occasion. Flutes are suitable for other fizzy drinks such as prosecco or even sparkling grape juice for non-drinkers. Every time someone drinks out of the engraved flute you gave them, they will think of you.

If you are celebrating a wedding, an anniversary or a special achievement by a family member, you could buy a set of engraved flutes, one for each loved one.

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