The benefits of giving engraved glass awards

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A personalised engraved glass award is a special way of saying thank you or recognising talent.

You don’t have to spend a large amount of money for a gift to be special. Personalized engraved gifts are a cost-effective way of brightening someone’s day.

Making someone feel special

A glass award may look elegant before it is engraved, but it’s the personalized message that is engraved on it that makes the recipient feel real joy. There are no rules about what can or can’t be written on a glass award. A quote from a famous writer could be appropriate, or a simple message that says “thank you” or “the best mum in the world” could make someone glow with pride.

Glass engraving is not restricted to text. Images and company logos can be added, and laser etching techniques can engrave photo-like images onto glass.

An engraved glass award is not hidden away

Some presents are given, then stored away out of sight, but this rarely happens with an engraved glass award. If you receive an award from your company, friends or family, you will probably proudly display it in your home or office, where it can be seen every day.

Commemorating a special occasion

An engraved glass award is ideal to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and graduations. Sometimes, an award is given simply to say thank you to someone who has helped you during a tough time.

The benefits of engraved glass awards in business

It has been found that rewarding employees with engraved glass awards helps staff retention, increases productivity and raises employee loyalty.

A company has many business goals and relies on its employees to help it reach them. By awarding an engraved glass trophy for employees who help companies reach their goals, the goals will be achieved quicker.

Many types of engraved glass awards

There is a large range of glass awards to choose from, ranging from simple rectangular plain glass to shaped glass, crystal glass and coloured glass. A simple trophy can cost less than £20 or a luxury crystal glass award could cost over £100.

An engraved glass award can also be an object that can be used such as a wine glass, glass tankard, vase, decanter or bowl.

The type and shape of the engraved glass award can be chosen to match the occasion. A heart-shaped award could mark an anniversary, and a sports shirt shaped glass award can be presented to a winning sports team.

It is possible to have a bespoke award designed to your individual specifications.

Whatever type and design of glass award you choose, what makes it special is the words and images that are engraved on the trophy. A glass engraver can help you design the text and images. There is a wide range of stock images to choose from and a variety of fonts for the text. You can supply your own image, such as a company logo that can be scanned then engraved onto the glass.

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