Choose engraved glass gifts for weddings, birthdays and Christmas

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There are times when we want to give friends and family a special wedding, birthday or Christmas gift. Engraved glass gifts make a great present for these and many other occasions.


Many couples send guests a wedding list of gifts they would like to receive. Some people feel that they should stick to the list, while others see it as a guide rather than set in stone. It is fine to buy a present that is not on the list, as long as you are sure that you are giving something they like.

It is unlikely that the couple will not love engraved glass gifts, especially if the gifts are also useful. A popular wedding gift is glasses. Engraved wine glasses or champagne flutes look stylish and can be used to make a toast after the wedding day.

It’s good to give luxury gifts at weddings, but they can be a strain on the budget. A set of engraved wine glasses needn’t cost a fortune, and for a little extra, you can have the premium quality of crystal glass. A presentation box will add to the sense of luxury.


If the birthday man or woman has not indicated what they want for their birthday, it may be difficult to find inspiration for present ideas. You could buy something for their home but some prefer more personal gifts.

Books are a popular present choice, but you need to know what the birthday person is interested in or what fiction authors they like. CDs used to be popular, but the change in how we listen to music means different people have difference preferences of medium. Perfume, jewellery and clothes make good presents, but you need to know the person very well to know what they are likely to like, and their size.

Engraved glass gifts are the answer to the question of what to buy. They are personalised with a message, which makes them unique and shows that you have made a special effort with the present.

Glass drinkware – wine, champagne, whiskey, beer, high ball or shot glasses – combines practicality with elegant looks. When beautifully engraved, glass drinkware can be displayed in the home, but is there first and foremost to be used. Engraved with the person’s name and a heartfelt message, you will be remembered whenever the glasses are used.

Other useful engraved glass gifts include photo frames, bowls, clocks and vases.


Engraved glass gifts can include an image as well as words. At Christmas, images of Santa, angels, reindeer and other festive themes can be engraved on the glassware.

A glass plaque engraved with “Merry Christmas” and a seasonal image makes an unusual Christmas decoration.

Christmas is a time when family and friends share time together. It is also a time to reflect on the year and be grateful for loved ones. To celebrate this feeling, give engraved glass gifts that express how you feel about those close to you.

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