Does an engraved Prosecco glass make bubbly taste better?

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Prosecco is an Italian white wine which is usually sparkling, though there are semi-sparkling and still varieties. Most Prosecco drunk in the UK is sparkling, and a lot of its biggest fans swear that an engraved Prosecco glass makes the wine taste better.

What is Prosecco?

Prosecco is similar to champagne, though wine experts can tell the difference. Both are wines that go through double fermentation. In champagne, the second fermentation happens when the wine is bottled, but the Prosecco second fermentation takes place in steel containers. This makes the wine less expensive to produce and cheaper to buy than champagne.

The steel container secondary fermentation is not a legal requirement for a wine to be called Prosecco, and some varieties of Prosecco use the same fermentation in the bottle process as champagne.

The importance of the glass

Prosecco and champagne share the same properties of being bubbly wines, and lots of bubbles are released on opening. Sparkling wine used to be drunk from wide-rimmed glasses, until it was found that the wide surface area meant that the bubbles escaped too quickly, resulting in the wine being less fizzy if not consumed immediately.

Nowadays, most Prosecco drinkers prefer the champagne flute style glass. This keeps the wine fizzy for longer and also concentrates the aroma of the wine. As the nose nears the top of the glass, the scent reaches the nostrils before the wine is tasted. The taste experience of drinking Prosecco is the combination of the aroma, the taste, and the feel of the bubbles. Prosecco lovers believe that the shape of the glass enhances this experience.

Making a plain Prosecco glass special

There are many places to buy Prosecco glasses, but to make them special, be sure to order an engraved Prosecco glass. This adds a personalised touch, which though it makes no difference to the taste of the wine, does add to the emotional experience of drinking. Engraving the glass with a message that says that the recipient is special and appreciated means that they are reminded of this sentiment every time they use the glass.

Sparkling wine is often drunk on special occasions to toast an anniversary, birthday, new year, or special achievement. Give engraved Prosecco glasses with an inscription that marks the occasion.

Many Prosecco lovers do not need a special occasion to drink, but they always appreciate an engraved Prosecco glass that reminds them of the person who gave it.

Engraved Prosecco glasses can be made from plain glass or luxury crystal glass. As well as text engraving, images can be etched in the glass. A presentation box increases the joy of opening a present of engraved glasses.

You don’t have to limit engraved Prosecco glasses to drinking Prosecco itself, as they improve the experience of drinking champagne, cava or any other sparkling wines. For times of abstinence, drink sparkling apple or grape juice from an engraved Prosecco glass.

If you are searching for a present from someone close to you who enjoys bubbly, order an engraved Prosecco glass with their name and dedication on it.

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