Novel days you can celebrate in 2021

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The year 2020 was generally not one to remember for obvious reasons, but with a new year comes new hope, and there are many reasons to raise a glass to celebrate special days in 2021. To make a celebration special, why not use a glass engraved with an uplifting message?

If you run out of birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, here are some novel days to celebrate that provide a theme for each month of 2021. Mark them on your 2021 calendar.

Indulgent January

January is a month to be indulgent with Whipped Cream Day (5th), Cuddle Up Day (6th), Bubble Bath Day (8th) and Blueberry Pancake Day (28th). Celebrate them with a tipple or two – even if that might mean no alcohol if you’re taking part in Dry January.

Kindness February

February 23rd is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Invite someone round for a glass of champagne enjoyed out of a flute, perhaps engraved with the word ”kindness”, which they can keep.

Happiness March

March is a happy time with Let’s Laugh Day (19th), Day of Awesomeness (10th) and the International Day of Happiness (20th) – all of which are perfect opportunities for wine, beer or other beverages with good company.

Party April

April 9th is World Party Day. Depending on virus restrictions, you can celebrate with friends in your home or host a Zoom party. Have a double celebration as April 9th is also Fish Fingers and Custard Day. Experts will no doubt have fierce discussions on the best wine to serve with this unusual yet delicious food combination!

Celebrate yourself in May

May 11 is World Ego Awareness Day. Order a glass engraved with the words “I’m the Greatest!” and toast yourself. Eat What You Want Day is on the same day, so spoil yourself with your favourite junk foods.

Drinks June

June is a time to celebrate with drinks: cider on the 3rd, cognac for the 4th, rose wine and gin on the 12th, and good old beer on the 15th.

Sunny July

July is a time to enjoy the summer sun with a cool drink on Stay Out in the Sun Day (3rd) or Bikini Day (5th), but be careful of Rain Day on the 29th.

Appreciate August

August is a month to raise a glass to appreciate Aunt & Uncle Day on 26th, World Friendship Day (30th), and don’t forget Cow Appreciation Day on August 13th.

Foody September

Special food days happen in September. Any of coconut (2nd), steak au poivre (9th), salami (13th), guacamole (16th) and cherries (24th) can be paired beautifully with win.

Self-improvement October

October is a month to improve yourself with Train your Brain Day (13), Smart is Cool Day (22) and World Values Day (15th). A glass of water with a hint of lime might help sharpen your focus.

Musical November

November is a time to celebrate music with Symphonics Metal Day (13th), Hug a Musician Day (13th) and Jukebox Day (24th). Sit back with a whiskey or two, or rock out beer tankard in hand!

Animal December

December is the month to celebrate Christmas and animals with World Wildlife Conservation Day on the 4th, International Cheetah Day (4th), Horse Day (13th), and Visit the Zoo Day (27th).

There are lots of special days to celebrate in 2021, but you don’t need to look in your calendar to find novelty themes. Any day is fine for raising an engraved glass in a celebration of life.

To remember exceptional days, order engraved drinkware with a message that reminds you of the special day.

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