Raise a toast with engraved shot glasses

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Shot drinks are used to make a toast, celebrate and share good times with a group of friends, and what better time to do that than over the upcoming Easter weekend?

Different shots

Shots is a generic name for drinks served in small amounts (around 1oz) in tiny glasses. They can be simply plain vodka, tequila or rum, but are often mixed drinks such as flavoured vodkas or miniature cocktails. They are usually drunk in one gulp.

Shots don’t have to be alcohol-based, with energy drinks such as Red Bull a popular alternative.

In the ‘50s and ‘60s, the younger generation tended not to drink cocktails, which they regarded as something that their parents drank, so drink companies developed alternatives that appealed to younger people. They created spirits blended with syrups and branded them with unusual names such as Training Bra, Purple Hooter, and Mexican Prairie Fire. They became trendy as drinks to consume quickly between other drinks. The taste was not as important, as the image and the effect the liqueur has on the brain.

Shots (sometimes called shooters) are designed to be fun for the drinkers, and profitable for bars that serve them

How to drink shots

There is a recommended way to drink shots with friends. Fill the shot glass with the chilled shot drink to below the top to prevent spills. Everyone should raise their glass in the air while a toast is proposed. Tilt back the head slightly, take a deep breath and pour the alcohol so that it first makes contact with the back of the tongue. Drink the shot with one gulp. Then exhale whilst putting the glass down. If you don’t like the taste of the shot, quickly drink a beer or soft drink to ease the taste!

While shots are fun, each shot is equal to one alcoholic drink, so it is not advisable to drink too many in a short space of time, or you can easily become much more drunk than intended.

Does the shot glass matter?

The process of drinking shots is a group ritual, from the toast, to the way of breathing and how the shot hits the back of the tongue. The glass adds to this sense of ritual. Engraved shot glasses are ideal for groups sharing the shot experience. If the toast marks a special occasion or a special achievement, the words engraved on the shot glass can reflect this.

Engraved shot glasses, though small, should be heavy so that they feel substantial when picked up. They are not expensive, so do not cost a lot to order enough for a group toast. As well as text, images can be etched onto the glass that represents the group.

Teams of employees that hit important targets can celebrate with personalised engraved shot glasses. They can be used to mark sporting wins, or simply to celebrate long and close friendships.

Engraved shot glasses can be bought in blue cardboard presentation tubes. Taking the glass out of the tube can form part of the shot drinking ritual.

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