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Engraving is the ideal way to personalise a gift. Whenever you are struggling to think of a present idea for a woman in your life, go for an engraved glass gift.

Glass gifts are stylish and inexpensive, even when they come with engraving. When words are carefully chosen, they express positive feelings about a special lady. There is a wide variety of engraved glass gifts available.

Engraved drinkware

Claudia Engraved Champagne GlassesWhether she likes fine wine, or prefers sparkling apple juice, an engraved drinking glass adds to the enjoyment of any drink. Does she enjoy beer? Give her a tankard engraved with words that praise her.

Wine lovers say that the drink tastes better in a quality wine glass, and champagne prefers flutes. Brandy and whiskey have their own special glasses too.

To celebrate her achievements, make a champagne toast from engraved flutes that everyone can take home to remember the occasion.

Engraved drinkware is a gift that is meant to be used again and again, whenever she feels like having a celebration.

An award to cherish

GC68BWho doesn’t like to have their achievements recognised by friends and colleagues? Awards are suitable for life’s milestones, passing exams, getting engaged or becoming a mother.

Award an engraved glass trophy to the bride-to-be on her hen night to mark the passing of singledom.

Put it in the picture

Curved Glass Frame - From £10.80 Including EngravingSpecial occasions are marked by posting photos on social media, but not everyone wants to keep their memories in the cloud. They may appreciate a printed photo to display in the home as well. Treasure memories of a special occasion with a photo in an engraved photo frame, seen every day as a reminder of a special time.

Say it with flowers

Earle Crystal Barrel Vase With Panel For Engraving In Cardboard Box - From £52.25 Including EngravingFlowers are a traditional gift for a woman. They express thanks, congratulations or sympathy for a loss. They look great and encapsulate a moment in time, but they wilt and fade after a few days. Give that special lady an engraved glass vase that will last long after the flowers are thrown away.

Glass paperweights

CR16221BPaperweights were once a common item found in a home desk, and were popular in an era when most correspondence and bills were on paper. They still have their practical use, but today they are considered a beautiful piece in their own right. An engraved glass paperweight is an ideal gift for a lady that appreciates fine objects in the home.

The gift of time

Caledonian Clock Rock Tablet In Blue Cardboard Gift Box - £108.90 Including EngravingIn an age of digital watches and smartphones that are used to keep track of time, many homes no longer have clocks. Bring back some quaint charm with an engraved glass clock that contains a few words of praise.

The message

The great thing about engraved glass gifts is that they have room for carefully chosen words. Images can also be engraved on them. Personalised gifts show that the giver has made an extra effort to choose the ideal gift.

Engraved glass gifts range from inexpensive drinkware to the luxury of crystal glass. Some, like awards are decorative, others such as drinkware are useful.

Whenever you want to thank a special lady or recognise her achievements, engraved glass gifts ae an ideal way to express how you feel.

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