Showing gratitude with engraved glass awards

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There are many ways to express gratitude, and to appreciate and say thank you to someone special. Engraved glass awards are a special way to put the message across.

Why gratitude matters

Appreciation or gratitude is a positive emotion, since gratitude benefits both the giver and the receiver. People who regularly express gratitude say that they feel more alive, more positive and sleep better.

Not everyone feels comfortable receiving gratitude and can feel embarrassed when someone strongly expresses their appreciation. People often dismiss gratitude by saying ‘it was nothing’ or ‘I don’t really deserve this’. However, if you learn to be open to praise, you will feel more appreciative of the gratitude.

Sometimes verbally expressing gratitude may not be enough, and an action can be more effective. Giving an engraved glass award that says you are grateful is a physical way to say that someone is appreciated. Even if a person is too shy to say much when they receive the award, they will probably take it home to proudly display it. Every time they see the engraved glass award, they will be reminded of how much they are appreciated.

Family and friends gratitude

Life is not always easy, and sometimes a family member or close friend can help you get through difficult times. They do it because they are glad to help someone they love. They do not expect anything in return, but the person being helped may need to express their gratitude. This can be done by giving flowers, chocolate or champagne. These are fine, but flowers fade over time, and food and drink are consumed. An engraved glass trophy is a long-lasting expression of gratitude.

Business gratitude

Businesses expect their employees to be productive, and most workers are happy to receive a salary in return, but sometimes a company faces obstacles. Sales may dip, competitors may bring out a competing product, or there could be less demand for what the company sells. At these times, the business cannot just rely on the normal level of workers’ production. They need team members who can come up with innovative solutions. A salesperson may find extra clients, a worker on the production line may come up with ways to save production costs, or someone may modify a product or service to make it more attractive to customers.

Business owners and managers often express gratitude by giving bonuses. Presenting engraved glass awards in front of the whole workforce is an effective way of expressing gratitude. It also helps the morale of the rest of the employees, who know that any extra effort they make will be appreciated.

Engraving awards

Engraved glass awards can have any message or image engraved on them. The words could express exactly what the award is for or simply be engraved with the words “thank you” or “simply the best”.

Awards can look modern or more traditional. They can be a simple oval or rectangular shape, or more intricate shapes such as stars or octagons.

No matter what style you choose, engraved glass awards express gratitude and make both the giver and receiver feel better.

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