Pubs closed? Why not create your own home bar?

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Many people like drinking at home, but with the pubs still shut due to lockdown, there is currently no alternative to home drinking. If you can’t go to the pub, bring the pub to you by creating a home bar!


grimlockThe great thing about a home bar is that there are no set opening hours. Opening time is whenever you feel like a drink. All that’s missing from a home bar is the atmosphere of many people enjoying a drink. Whilst the lockdown lasts, the drinkers in the bar are household members only, but you can make home drinking special.

The bar cart

Not every household wants to convert a living room into a pub, so the next best thing is to have a bar cart or drinks trolley. Bar trolleys were popular in the 1970s but are making a comeback in the lockdown. A bar cart holds your favourite bottles and the glasses.

You could buy a cheap bar cart for just a few pounds, or splash out on the Cox & Cox Art Deco-inspired mirror glass trolley at £450.

Bar sheds and basements

If you’re not keen on the idea of changing the living room into a bar, have a bar area away from the living areas. Convert a cellar into a bar, or if the home does not have a basement, build a shed in the garden. The cheapest option is to put the bar under a canvas gazebo, but this is not very practical in winter, though a patio heater helps.

The best shed bars have electricity to power the lights and the all-important drinks fridge. To add an authentic pub feel, install a beer pump – you’ll find a selection for sale on eBay.

Engraved glassware home bars special

One way to make your home bar special is to use glassware engraved with the name of the bar. A name gives the bar an identity, so it’s not just any home bar, it’s the White Lion, Brian’s Bar or any name you choose.

Engraved drinkware is available for all drink types. If you drink beer, you need an engraved tankard, either a traditional one with a handle or a straight pint glass. Wine drinkers should drink from a special wine glass, champagne and fizzy wines should be drunk from flutes, and shot glasses are for when short drinks are called for. There are gin, whiskey and brandy glasses for spirit drinkers.

Give each member of the household their own individual glass to match their favourite drink, and personalise the glass by having their name engraved on it. Don’t forget the younger members of the household – they can have their own engraved glass for fruit juice or soft drinks.

To add a touch of luxury to home drinking, use premium quality crystal glasses. They may cost a little extra, but are worth giving to that special someone who lives with you.

If staying in is the new going out, make it special with a home bar and engraved glasses.

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