Five reasons why engraved drinkware makes a great gift

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Engraved drinkware that includes a personalised message is an ideal gift for someone you deeply care about.

Gift shopping can be difficult. If you find yourself struggling to choose a present, you may stick to generic gifts such as scarfs, earrings and flowers for a woman. Buying gifts for men can be even more frustrating, especially if the man appears to already have everything that he needs.

There are many reasons why the answer to the present buying dilemma could be to give engraved drinkware, and here are five of them.

1. Thoughtful

Engraved glasses that carry a personalised message show that you have put some thought and imagination into the present. You have not simply picked up a standard gift from a store or ordered online. You have thought carefully about the engraved message. The gift implies that you care about the person.

2. A gift that lasts

A beautiful engraved crystal wine glass can be practical in that wine can drunk from it, but more importantly, it is a luxury item that looks good. The person who receives it will likely treasure it and display it proudly in their home.

3. Unique

Engraved drinkware is unique. Though someone else may have a similar glass design, the personalised engraved message makes the glass unique. This adds value – not monetary, but sentimental. Engraved drinkware demonstrates your affection for someone and that you care enough to create a unique gift. No one else has the same gift, it is exclusive to the person you give it to.

4. All ages and genders

An engraved wine glass or beer tankard may not be suitable for children, but for anyone over the age 18, it is an appropriate gift. It’s also a genderless gift that can be given to males or females. Obviously, wine glasses are suitable for all sexes, and while many might see beer tankards as a masculine item, but this is not necessarily the case. Research shows that more women are drinking beer today, so they may welcome a tankard as a gift.

Engraved drinkware does not have to be restricted to people who drink alcohol. There are engraved glasses that are suitable for use with non-alcoholic drinks.

5. Not expensive

Engraved drinkware is a rare example of a luxury item that is not expensive. For around a £10, you can purchase a glass, including the cost of engraving. You can also buy top quality crystal glass that will cost a lot more but is still reasonably priced.

Easy to purchase

Engraved drinkware is a quality personalised present that is very easy to arrange. Your glass engraving company will supply the drinkware and engrave your message. You can even include an image on the glass – this can be a stock image from the engraver or you can upload your own image file that can be etched on the glass.

Choosing the type of drinkware, specifying the text and uploading an image can be done in just a few minutes online to make this gift buying process simple and stress-free.

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