Engraved pint glasses make beer drinkers feel special

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To tell someone close to you that they are special, engraved pint glasses are a gift that will always raise a cheer.

Everyone likes to feel special, to be appreciated and loved. Sometimes it is enough to express your feelings and gratitude by saying so, but a gift can often convey more than words.

[h2]Making beer drinkers special[/h2]

Wine experts that work in fancy restaurants are called sommeliers, and now there is an equivalent role for beer experts called cicerones. A master cicerone has expertise in beer flavours, the brewing process and the various ingredients that go into beer.

You don’ t have to be a cicerone to appreciate good beer, but one thing that master cicerones and ordinary beer lovers have in common is that they believe the glass you drink beer from is important. Many craft beer and lager brands have their own glasses that they recommend for their beer. Stella Artois has its famous stem glass, Hoegaarden has its specially shaped straight glass and Lowenbrau its one-litre stein.

When drinking beer at home, it is not necessary to match each type of beer with its recommended glass. Most beer drinkers stick to their favourite glass, which is often either a tankard with a handle or a straight pint glass. They get used to drinking beer out of their favourite glass and can believe that their chosen vessel makes the beer taste better, even though there may not be any scientific evidence to support this belief.

Whether someone special to you prefers a straight pint glass or a tankard, both can be engraved with a heartfelt message.

[h2]The message[/h2]

Any message can be engraved onto a pint glass, and an image can be added. The words can express deeply felt emotions. If you love the person, you can simply say “I love you” followed by their name.

The message could say “to my best friend”, or give the person a title like “the world’s best dad.”

Engravings can express gratitude, such as “thank you for being there for me.”

Whatever is written, it should make the person who receives the engraved pint glass feel special. Engraved pint glasses are there to be frequently used, so are not trophies to simply be admired in a cabinet. Each time beer is drunk out of the engraved pint glass, the drinker will be reminded of the sentiment behind it.

Engraved pint glasses are also suitable as business gifts that recognise achievements at work. By giving them in recognition for outstanding work performance, the employee feels special and appreciated. This can improve all staff morale, as everyone will feel that if they too produce outstanding work, they will be rewarded with a special personalised gift.

Though traditionally men drink beer from pint glasses, there is an increasing number of women who are making beer their tipple of choice. If you know one, consider giving them an engraved pint glass.

Engraved pint glasses are a great gift for any beer drinkers you know who you would like to feel special with a vessel of their own.

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