How engraved port glasses enrich the drink

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Port is a popular drink that should be served in the right glass. Engraved port glasses add to the pleasure of drinking this much-cherished beverage.

The story of port

The popularity of port started at the beginning of the 18th century when Britain as at war with France. The Royal Navy blockaded French ports and this prevented French wine reaching the tables of Britain. Instead, the British bought large quantities of wine from Portugal. To stop the wine from spoiling on the long sea journey to Britain, brandy was added to the wine barrels. This stopped the wine from spoiling and also made it sweeter and stronger.

Later in the 18th Century, Portugal began to create its own varieties of port. The now familiar names of Cockburn, Taylors and Croft were founded and they built vast port warehouses.

Port can be dark red in colour, or tawny port is more brownish in shade. Clear white port is available but not often drank in Britain.

Though port is not a health drink like red wine, it is a fortified wine that contains vitamins and minerals. Research has suggested port could help prevent prostate cancer and delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. However, port has a higher sugar and alcohol content than wine, so it is unhealthy to drink it in large amounts. Drunk in moderation, it could arguably have some health benefits.

When and how to drink port

You can serve port in any type of glass, wine glasses are fine, but many port drinkers prefer the traditional port glass, which is much smaller than the standard wine glass.

Port is a dessert wine that is often served at the end of the meal. Traditionally, men separated from ladies at the end of a meal to enjoy wine and cigars. In today’s more equal society, men and women can enjoy a small glass of port together after a meal, with or without cigars.

Some people like to serve port with Stilton cheese, nuts or chocolates.

Engraving makes the difference

Some people only drink port at Christmas and are not aware of the many varieties of port. It is a rich drink usually drank in small amounts, so for many, it is not an everyday drink, but one for special occasions.

To make drinking port extra special, it is best served in engraved port glasses. For a touch of extra luxury, go for a glass made of crystal.

Engraved port glasses make excellent gifts for people who like the drink. They can be engraved with a special message to commemorate a special occasion, or in recognition of someone special, a loved one or a best friend. Businesses give engraved port glasses in presentation boxes to special clients, or to reward employees for their achievements.

As well as words, engraved port glasses can have images etched on them.

Port glasses are not usually used every day, but kept as special glasses for special occasions when fine port is sipped and savoured.

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