Engraved drinkware makes people feel special

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Engraved drinkware is an ideal gift to make someone feel appreciated.

Why personalised gifts are special

People just love receiving personalised gifts. It shows that the giver has made a special effort to find a great gift that is useful and will be treasured, rather than a token, off-the-shelf item. Every time a drink is enjoyed from engraved drinkware, the giver of the gift is remembered with every sip.

An engraved glass makes someone feel special. They know that the person who gave them the glass cares about them enough to make a special effort to personalise their gift.

A personalised gift is unique, no one else has an engraved glass with the same message.

Buying is easy

Although engraved drinkware says that you have made a special effort, the practicalities of buying engraved glasses are easy. Choose the glass type – brandy, champagne, wine or beer. Then select the style and budget. Crystal glasses are premium quality. They cost a little more but are still an affordable luxury product.

The price you pay for engraved glasses includes the engraving itself. You can say anything you like on them; an engraving could celebrate an occasion such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary. The engraved message might mark an achievement, a new job, exams passed or winning a sporting event. The gift could simply express gratitude a thank you to someone special who has helped you.

For something even more visual than text, consider etched images and logos.

Not just for alcoholic drinks

According to figures published by the Office for National Statistics in 2017, a quarter of 16 to 24-year-olds avoid alcohol. Not everyone is turning to fizzy sugary cokes and similar drinks though; there is a growing market for non-alcoholic wines and beers. There is even a no alcohol gin and tonic. These drinks provide the pleasure of drinking without the intoxication and the hangover.

To enhance the experience of drinking low or no alcohol drinks, engraved drinkware is ideal. There is a great pleasure to be had from drinking a quality no alcohol wine from an engraved crystal wine glass.

If you give someone who is a drinker an engraved glass, and they subsequently give up alcohol, they will still find a use for the glass with alcohol-free drinks and feel special every time they use it.

Engraved drinkware for business

Businesses know that branded business gifts are an effective way to raise the profile of a brand. Glasses engraved with a logo and marketing message spread brand awareness. Drink companies have known this for a long time, which is why they produce their own branded glasses. They can even charge high prices for a bottle of their drink packaged with a branded glass.

To make clients and business contacts feel special, give them a branded engraved glass, or better still, take the trouble to engrave the glass with their name.

Whether you drink alcohol or not, engraved drinkware says that you are a special person who drinks in style.

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