Engraved brandy glasses add a touch of luxury

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Sipping good brandy is one of life’s indulgent pleasures. A special engraved brandy glass adds a touch of luxury to the brandy drinking experience.

How brandy is made

Brandy is made from grapes that are crushed to make juice, then fermented to produce wine. The wine is distilled to make the brandy and is aged in wooden barrels for at least three years, although you can buy non-aged brandies. Brandies known as X.0. are “extra old” and stored for up to 30 years or more. Older brandies are darker in colour.

Some brandies are made from other fruits including apple brandy and plum brandy.

The importance of the glass

Some people drink brandy out of short and small glasses, but if they do they are missing out on the full brandy experience. The brandy glass, also known as a snifter, is shaped so that it can be easily cupped with the hands. The heat from hands warms up the brandy. The large surface areas of the brandy glass causes the brandy to evaporate. When your nose enters the glass, the first thing that is noticed is the rich aromas of the brandy that are released.

Most brandy glasses hold between 6 to 8 fluid ounces (170 to 230 fluid ounces) but are normally filled with a small amount of brandy. When the brandy glass is placed on its side, the brandy should not spill out.

Brandy is regarded as a luxury drink, even though bottles of cheaper brandy can be purchased for a little over £10. An aged premium quality brandy can cost well over £100. A luxury drink needs to be matched with a luxury glass. Engraved brandy glasses, especially ones made from crystal glass, are luxury items that match the special experience of drinking brandy.

When drinking high alcohol beers over 8%, some beer lovers like to serve them in a brandy glass, as they believe that the glass better releases the complex aromas of these craft beers.

Engraving brandy glasses

Engraved brandy glasses can contain any text. Companies engrave brandy glasses with their company name and logo. These make great business gifts for customers and business contacts. If a business has a high-profile logo they can sell engraved brandy glasses as prestige items. Businesses like to give brandy glasses as awards to recognise employees’ achievements.

Engraved brandy glasses are given as gifts to commemorate special family occasions, such as anniversaries and weddings. They make special gifts at Christmas and birthdays for friends and family who like brandy.

If someone has helped at a time of crisis, engraved brandy glasses are a great way to say thank you. They can be engraved with messages such as ‘my best friend’, or ‘the world’s best dad’. Simply engraving the words ‘thank you’ can be enough to convey how deeply you feel about someone close to you.

Engraved brandy glasses in presentation boxes make ideal luxury gifts. Suitably engraved they commemorate special events. Like brandy itself, they are a luxury item that is affordable.

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