Show you care with engraved glass gifts

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Engraved glass gifts are an ideal way to show that you care about a loved one. Friends, family or colleagues will be delighted by the extra thought you put into their present by personalising it with an engraved message.

The gift that delights

Personalised gifts show that you have spent effort, time and care on choosing a present. Whether you want to express gratitude, love or congratulations, delight someone with engraved glass gifts.

Some people are difficult to buy a present for. They may seem to have everything they need or you don’t know them well enough to know what they like. The sentiment engraved on glass gifts make the present unique for the person who receives it.

Choose the right engraved glass gifts

People might like to hear positive words spoken about them, or their name praised on social media, but engraved glass gifts are a long-term reminder. Gifts can be in the form of an award that is proudly displayed or perhaps a decorative glass paper weight. Engraved gifts can be useful such as drinkware – brandy glasses, wine glasses, tankards or champagne flutes. Vases and fruit bowls enhance a room, but are also there to be used for flowers and fruit.

Every time engraved glass gifts are seen or used they are a reminder of your relationship with the person to whom the engraving is dedicated.

When to give engraved glass gifts

Engraved glass gifts can be given for many occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or at Christmas. They can also mark special achievements like getting engaged, landing that dream job or winning a sporting event. They are an ideal way to say thank you to someone who has helped you at a difficult time, or the gift can simply say thanks for being you.

Apart from friends and family, engraved glass gifts are used by companies to reward high-achieving staff, or for teams that have reached or exceeded targets.

Choose an engraved glass gift tailored to the person, champagne flats for those who like sparkling wine, wine glasses for connoisseurs, and tankards for lovers of craft beer. People like something for the home to feature in their living rooms, such as cut glass bowls and vases.

Glass awards can be used to mark special occasions and achievements. Give them to congratulate couples on a significant anniversary, or to celebrate the birth of a new family member.

The main principle about choosing engraved glass gifts is to buy quality items that look good and are made well. These need not be expensive, though you could pay a bit extra for the luxury of crystal glass.

What to say

The benefit of personalized engraved gifts is that you can use them to say anything. A few words engraved on the glass can succinctly express how you feel about someone. Images can be added to the glass gift too, and a silk-lined presentation box can make the gift even more special.

If you are looking for a unique personalised present, choose engraved glass gifts that show your true appreciation.

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