Top FAQs on crystal glass engraving

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Crystal glass engraving creates luxury gifts that show you care, but there are certain questions we’re regularly asked about the technique, and the glass itself.

What is the difference between crystal and glass?

The European Union created a standard for crystal glass in 1969, defining crystal as having:

“A lead content in excess of 24%, a density in excess of 2.90 and a reflective index of 1.545”

A scientific view says that crystal is a material that has molecules, atoms and ions arranged in an orderly pattern in all three dimensions.

Of course, you don’t have to know any of the above technical information to appreciate the beauty of crystal, either plain crystal or cut crystal with beautiful cut patterns.

How can you tell if glass is crystal

If you hold some types of crystal glass to the light, they reflects the light to form a highly coloured rainbow effect. The lead content of the crystal causes the glass to ring when gently tapped.

Genuine crystal is higher priced than ordinary glass. For example, expect to pay more for crystal wine glasses than ones made from ordinary glass, but the glass can be thinner and remain just as strong.

Crystal glass is more translucent too – look through plain crystal and you can hardly see through it.

Is it safe to drink from crystal glass?

Though top-grade crystal glass contains lead, it is perfectly safe to drink out of, as no harmful amounts of lead will leak from the glass.

What luxury gifts can come with crystal glass engraving

The beauty of crystal has been appreciated since it was first made in the 1600s. It is regarded as a luxury item, which makes crystal ideal for a special gift. Crystal glass engraving adds a personalised touch to a gift.

Engraved crystal trophies are popular for awards. Businesses give them to high-performing employees, while business organisations award companies and entrepreneurs for outstanding contributions to their business sector. Engraved awards make ideal sporting trophies. Crystal awards are engraved with the type of award and the person or organisation that is receiving the award.

You don’t have to be an organisation to give crystal awards though; an individual can order one with a personalised message to mark a special occasion or an achievement by a loved one. An award can simply say thank you to someone who has helped at a difficult time of life.

What about useful gifts?

Crystal awards are displayed in trophy cabinets, on shelves, staff desks or other places where they can be admired, but for many, their function is more than a decorative one. Crystal glasses, bowls, vases, clocks and decanters look beautiful, but can also be useful.

People may be wary of using expensive crystal wine glasses or champagne flutes for everyday drinking, but they love to bring them out on special occasions when there is something to toast and celebrate.

Crystal glass engraving adds a personal message to a luxury gift. Engraved crystal items may be more expensive than plain ones, but they remain an affordable luxury. For example, you can buy a crystal champagne flute for around £15 including the engraving, which makes the gift unique and seem priceless.

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