Why not reward employees with engraved wine glasses?

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It is beneficial to reward high achieving staff with a gift. Engraved wine glasses are personalised gifts employees love to receive.

Awarding exceptional work

The coronavirus crisis has put pressures on workers. Some have had to adapt to remote working from home for the first time, while NHS, firefighters, police and other frontline staff work particularly hard.

Furloughed staff are adjusting to life without work for a while, and PPE manufacturers are expecting staff to work overtime.

Of course, a pandemic is not the only time when staff are expected to make an extra effort. Retail staff are under pressure during the lead up to Christmas, ice-cream sellers put in extra time during hot summers.

Staff need to know that their efforts are appreciated. Money is a great way to reward staff, but a physical award is a more lasting reminder of achievements. Hard work needs to be recognised with more than memories and a bonus. An award makes workers feel good about themselves and motivates them to be more productive. After hard times, awards bring a smile to employees faces.

The value of engraved wine glasses

Engraved wine glasses are ideal for awards. They can be engraved with a message, and personalised with each employee’s name. The company logo can be added too.

It’s a good idea to hold a toast with each engraved wine glass filled with wine, or fruit juice for non-drinkers. Raise the glasses high and shout “well done!” Employees keep their glasses as a reminder that their employers care about them and appreciate what they do.

Businesses and nonprofit organisations work better if there is a positive culture among staff and managers. Recognising and awarding achievements is a major contributor to good work culture. Awards need to be high quality, cheap plastic items like pens and cups are not sufficient. Engraved wine glasses are a luxury gift that is not expensive. Prices start at less than eight pounds and go up to over thirty pounds for a premium quality Earle crystal glass.

Engraved wine glasses are good presents for business contacts, suppliers, top clients and joint venture partners. They are a special way to say thank you for their continued support.

Not just for show

Engraved wine glasses look elegant, but are not there just for show. Employees often use them at home when they drink wine. Every time they take them out, they are reminded of the generosity of the organization that gave them.

Engraved wine glasses are not just for business awards, they are perfect personalised gifts for giving to loved ones to mark special occasions and achievements such as birthdays, anniversaries and engagements. They are a great way to express gratitude for someone who stands by you.

The ideal award is both practical and looks good when proudly displayed. Engraved wine glasses, especially ones made from crystal, are elegant and ideal for wine drinking.

After hard times, it’s time to celebrate with champagne or a good bottle of quality wine drunk from engraved wine glasses.

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