Engraved beer tankards – ideal for craft beer lovers

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Today is Beer Lover’s Day, and in recent years there has been an increase in the number of people who have taken craft beer to their hearts. To a craft beer enthusiast, the glass that he or she drinks the beer from is an important part of the tasting experience. An engraved glass tankard makes an ideal gift for someone who loves this en vogue tipple.

What is craft beer?

There is no strict definition of what craft beer is, but most drinkers define it as “beer brewed in limited quantiles using traditional methods.” The problem with this definition is that many beers regarded as craft beers are made in large quantities, but generally craft brewers emphasis quality over quantity.

Microbreweries produce beer in smaller quantities. Some drinkers make a distinction between micro-brewed beer and craft beer.

There are no strict rules on how craft beer is made, but most have at least 50% malt along with hops and grains such as barley, oats and wheat. Craft beer makers experiment by producing many varieties of beer, both light and dark. Sometimes fruits are added, or more unusual ingredients such as chocolate and raisins. One craft beer maker even adds leftover bread from a bakery to its brew.

The importance of the glass beer tankard

Many restaurants have wine sommeliers who decides on which wines to stock and guides diners in their choice of wine. Some restaurants are also employing beer sommeliers who provide a similar service to their wine counterparts, but for beer drinkers.

In a similar way to wine drinking, the glass from which the beer is important to beer sommeliers. Yes, beer can be drunk from a can or bottle, but a glass provides both a visual effect and releases the aromas. Aroma is a large part of how we perceive taste. As you drink from a wide rimmed beer, the nose is close to the aromas of the hops, grains and other ingredient aromas.

Before you taste a craft beer for the first time, how it looks creates expectations of what it will taste like. You know that a dark coloured beer is going to taste different to a light beer. A very foamy head is a clue to how creamy the beer feels in the mouth.

The beauty of the engraved beer tankard

Many craft beer lovers like to keep a special glass for their beer tasting, and an engraved beer tankard is appreciated by beer enthusiasts. It looks stylish with its elegant shape and curved handle. Some prefer a plain glass tankard that lets them view the beer more clearly, while others favour crystal engraved beer tankards.

There is a division among beer drinker between those who prefer a straight glass and those who want a traditional tankard with a handle. Whatever style of beer glass you prefer, the engraving makes it unique to you. An engraved glass beer tankard, engraved with a personalised message, makes an ideal gift for someone who loves craft beer. Alternatively, don’t wait to receive one as a gift, order your own engraved beer tankard today.

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