Six steps to choosing engraved glass trophies

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Receiving an award of any kind is always a pleasure, and choosing one to present can also be very gratifying. Getting it right depends on several different factors, and these need to be thought through before the final choice of which engraved glass trophies to purchase is made.

1. Purpose

The starting point has to be what the award is for. Corporate or community? Special achievement or recognition of services rendered? Sporting prowess or gifted artistic talent?

Each of those categories, and a host of others, will have a bearing on what type of award will be suitable. Football-shaped awards are not likely to be suitable as corporate gifts, while a community award could well be more suited to an engraved glass plaque or crystal bowl. Whichever award is chosen, it should be appropriate for the purpose.

2. Style

The style of an award or trophy is also an important factor to consider. A quirky star-shaped award may be more suitable for a budding actor than as recognition of long service. The choice of styles available nowadays is unlimited, from traditional and classic, to fun and quirky. With the help of an expert graphic designer, a bespoke trophy can easily be created, allowing an award to be truly unique.

3. Annual or one-off award?

Another consideration when choosing a design is whether the presentation of the award will be an annual event. If so, then will there be a need to leave space to add further names, and will the recipient take home a copy of the original trophy? This type of award is probably more typical of a sporting trophy, maybe a winners’ board at the local golf club or an award for a darts team playing in a yearly tournament.

4. Budget

Of course, a lot of the design and style decisions will depend on the available budget. A community group may not have access to the same funding as a large corporation., yet this does not mean that a trophy or award will be any less valuable in terms of the sentiment behind it.

5. Glass or crystal?

The choice of material is also linked to budget, as crystal glass tends to be a bit more expensive than regular glass. Still, if a budget doesn’t stretch to a fine crystal glass, this is nothing to worry about as glass awards can be just as beautiful. Again, the choice usually comes down to what is appropriate. An under-11 football player may not be terribly impressed with a crystal trophy, yet this could be the perfect choice for a retiring employee.

6. Choosing the right words

Perhaps the most important choice of all, since getting the wording right can make or break the entire presentation. Funny and quirky inscriptions can be a lot of fun in the right circumstances, but for formal awards they should definitely be avoided. The inscription should state the recipient, why they have received the award and from whom. The style and any other additions, such as inspirational quotes, are wholly dependent on the occasion.

Choosing and presenting awards , whether crystal or otherwise, should be as enjoyable as possible for all parties, and by making a few sensible choices, the perfect engraved glass trophies can be successfully created.

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