Why handmade rock tablets make prestigious awards

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Engraved glass awards are very popular, but to make a glass award more prestigious, you could choose a luxury, handmade rock tablet crafted in Scotland.

Rock tablets are clear glass with a rugged edge, and they are reminiscent of the rock found in the Highlands of Scotland. Their rugged look mirrors the mountains and the rough wild Highland terrain.

The beauty of handmade

Many people don’t want lots of mass-produced items in their homes. There is a growing trend for handmade items, where each one is unique and individual.

Rock tablets are crafted by skilled artisans in Scotland. First, jaded edge glass at least half an inch thick is shaped and cut to size at a large cutting bench. The edges are fashioned in a process that remains secret.

After the edges have been polished, they return to a clear state. An optical cement process attaches the tablet to a glass base. Rock tablets are not made to be identical – there will always be slight variations in each tablet.

Before a glass tablet can be packed for delivery, it’s carefully checked for quality. Any tablet that is not considered perfect is rejected.

This labour-intensive process means that rock tablets cost more to make than plain glass awards, and this is reflected in the price charged. If you want to present someone with a prestigious, high-quality award, it’s worth the extra cost.

Types of rock tablets

Rock tablets come in many shapes, including rectangles, triangles and hexagons. They can be accessorised with a pen holder, or a clock mechanism can be embedded in them. All types of rock tablets can be personalised with engraving. Rock tablets can be packed in luxurious presentation boxes.

Engraving rock tablets

Rock tablets have plenty of space for engraving. Any message can be engraved to make each rock tablet award unique.

The person receiving the award should be named, and a message about what the reward is for added. Images can also be engraved on rock tablets, such as brand logos or sports badges.

Make the occasion special

Rock tablet awards are suitable for recognising business achievements, contributions to the community and sporting achievements. They can also be used for personal awards to family or friends. Clocks are a traditional retirement present – many retirees love receiving a distinctive rock tablet clock. They are also ideal to mark milestones such as engagements, promotions, buying a first house, anniversaries and more.

The premium quality of rock tablets makes an award and the presentation ceremony special. People who receive rock tablets treasure them. They are typically displayed in a prominent position in the home, or proudly placed on the office desk for colleagues to admire. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the glory associated with receiving a prestigious award, especially if the award looks beautiful.

If you’re in charge of awards for your business or sporting organisation, choose rock tablets. They are a worthy investment for the extra prestige that they add to any award ceremony.

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