World’s strongest gin released

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A team of former scientists has recently released a gin with a 95% alcohol by volume (abv).

After quitting their jobs nearly 10 years ago, a number of scientists formed the Kent-based distiller Anno and turned their hands to spirit production. The distiller’s latest expression is the Anno Extreme 95.

The gin has been described as having flavours of nutmeg, liquorice, coriander and fennel. Anno told Proper Manchester that the gin has been:

“Developed by scientists with a taste for adventure and pushing the limits of possibility, Anno Extreme 95 Gin was produced with one goal in mind – to create ‘the spirit of alchemy’.”

Using an extended process of distillation, flavour has been packed into each and every 20cl bottle. This in itself is unusual, as only 5ml of gin is required to make a standard gin and tonic compared to the usual 25ml, therefore eliminating the need for standard 75cl bottles. It is, therefore, entirely possible to have a gin and tonic with full flavour, but containing around 75% less alcohol.

Anno Extreme 95 has taken the crown of the world’s strongest gin from the previous titleholder Strane Ultra Uncut, which is 85% abv and had held the title since 2018.

The new gin has been released just in time for the Christmas period, and its strength is a reminder of the extreme circumstances witnessed this year. It may be an apt time for people to get out their favourite engraved glasses and try a sample of this rather unique spirit.

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