Whiskey release celebrates the King’s favourite sandwich

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Fans of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll who enjoy American spirits will soon be polishing their engraved whisky glasses and getting ready to celebrate. US brand Elvis Whiskey recently announced a new product for its growing collection of straight pouring Tennessee whiskeys and rye whiskeys entitled “Midnight Snack”.

Inspired by Elvis Presley’s much publicised snack of choice, the new release is flavoured with peanut butter bacon and banana. Whether it was cooked in the middle of the night by his resident chef or picked up in person from his beloved restaurant after a flight by Lear jet, Elvis enjoyed the unique combination of flavours in a deep-fried sandwich to create a treat that balanced smoky, savoury, salty and sweet to suite his taste.

The founder of Grain & Barrel who operate the Elvis Whiskey brand, Matti Anttila, commented:

“To sip, or shoot-flavoured whiskeys are continuing to grow in popularity, with flavoured whiskey growing plus19 per cent and peanut butter flavoured whiskey growing plus 200 per cent in the United States, leaving our team especially excited to introduce ‘Midnight Snack’ to our growing portfolio of Elvis-inspired whiskeys.”

The new whiskey can be poured straight over ice, served as a shot or added to classic whiskey-based cocktails like an Old Fashioned. A 70% proof flavoured whiskey, Midnight snack will be sold in stores and at selected bars. It is the third whiskey to be added to the brand’s portfolio of Elvis themed products which include flagship labels ‘The King’ and ‘Tiger Man’.

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