Engraved glass trophies – the perfect accolade

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The glitz and glamour of the Oscars, BRITs and Grammys, with red carpet receptions and celebrity back-slapping, are what people generally think of when the term ‘award ceremony’ comes up in conversation. However, there are a host of unsung heroes who are equally deserving of recognition. The joy and pleasure of receiving engraved glass trophies is mirrored throughout the corporate world, as communities come together to honour local people for outstanding contributions to society, and most clubs and social groups would not survive without the army of volunteers willing to give up their free time to run them.

Industry awards

Awards for business are a great way to motivate, inspire, and boost team spirit. An award may be given in recognition for industry innovations and performance, or for ‘rising star’ newcomers and interns. Outstanding customer service and team leading skills play a crucial role in any successful business, and are often reflected with awards presented for ‘Manager/Employee of the Year’, for example.

Sales and marketing achievements are no exception and are sometimes fiercely competed for. Also, we cannot forget long service and attendance awards, a great source of pride for many. Professional and industry awards are an excellent way to reward hardworking individuals or teams.

Helpers and organisers

There is a group or social club for almost anything nowadays. Youth groups, music clubs, senior citizen social clubs, sports teams, art and literary groups… the list can go on and on. The one thing they all have in common is the freely given time of the volunteers that is needed to organise, fundraise and supervise the many activities members enjoy. This is everyone from the team coach that gives up most evenings and weekends to help train and support athletes of all ages, to those who serve endless cups of tea and cake in the community centre kitchens, and the young people who enjoy dance, theatre and music often relying on teachers and adults to organise transportation, costumes and technical support. It is usually as much pleasure for a group to present a beautiful award to a dedicated and committed volunteer as it is for the recipient to receive it.

Working for others

There are special individuals in all communities who put others before themselves. Working tirelessly to fundraise for all manner of worthy causes, it’s a wonderful gesture to reward them with accolades including ‘Fundraiser of the Year’ or ‘Longest Fundraiser’. Fundraisers’ work is invaluable as many charities rely solely on donations.

Then, there are some who go the extra mile for others, such as the community policeman for ‘Outstanding Public Service’, or a health worker who is rewarded for their efforts in the community and service to others. This could also include a good neighbour who always makes sure the elderly are not neglected and forgotten, and no-one could deny a bravery award for an individual who has actually put their own life on the line for others.

Coming together at an award ceremony for the unsung heroes and hardworking people of society, and watching them be presented with engraved glass trophies, is rewarding for both recipient and giver alike.

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