A guide to engraved crystal and glass awards

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Engraved awards can be the perfect addition to award ceremonies or achievement presentation evenings as they add that an personal touch and can be treasured by the awardee forever. They also provide a way to commemorate a date or time in someone’s life, or potentially add to a collection of awards to show off in their home.

However, for the company or group looking to create these awards and organise the ceremonies, the huge range of engraved crystal and glass awards available to choose from can make it slightly daunting to pick the best one for the occasion. This guide will provide a some information about engraved awards and explain how choosing and personalising them can be an easy process.

Why are crystal and glass the right choices for awards?

The awards you buy and therefore present to celebrate someone’s success will ultimately reflect the image of your company or brand. Getting that choice wrong can impact the whole presentation process and paint your company in a negative light. This is why crystal and glass awards are popular choices for achievements, as they are high quality, stand the test of time and add a prestigious feeling. Compared to other types of materials for awards, such as acrylic, engraved glass awards really look and feel the part.

What can I get engraved on my crystal and glass awards?

Glass awards are ultimately there to commemorate an achievement and show the awardee how much they are appreciated or how much they have achieved. Most awards have the date of the achievement or ceremony engraved on them, as well as the reason for the achievement. This way, it can go on display and be something for the awardee to look back on or add to a collection.

Having the awardee’s name engraved is also a popular choice as it gives employees or members a chance to be proud of themselves, and also may give other employees more motivation to do well.

Logos can also be engraved on glass awards, and this can really make your company or group stand out. It’s a great way to make the achievement live on and help your company be remembered.

Are there different types of award to choose from?

Engraved crystal and glass awards can come in many shapes and sizes, and the design matters to your finished product. If your company logo and personalised text needs to be quite large, there are designs that are simple and make the engraving the focal point of the award. You can almost be as creative as you want with the text, just don’t go overboard, as it will ruin the overall look.

Other designs have curved shapes or coloured tints to them so that they stand out, and you might only want a short statement or small logo featured on this type of award. Ultimately, it’s important to commemorate the occasion without compromising the look of the award. Whichever design you do choose, the glass award itself always makes a great impression.

Are glass and crystal awards expensive?

Budget might be a key factor in choosing your engraved crystal and glass awards. Luckily, you will find that there are awards to suit all types of budget that don’t skip out on quality. It’s important to remember, however, that presenting an award to someone is a very public celebration, so spending a little bit more time and money on occasions like this might make all the difference.

One point to note is that when you pay extra, you’re doing so for the quality of the material. Crystal and glass awards are substantially weighty and sturdy for a reason. Sometimes, the glass engraving is included within the price of the award too.

How are crystal and glass awards presented?

Once you’ve chosen your design, what you’d like engraved and your budget, another point to think about is if you would like the awards presented in a particular way. There are very simple cardboard presentation boxes available for awards, but to continue with the prestigious feel, a popular choice is a satin-lined gift box. This creates a great impression and also provides a secure way for the award to be transported.

Should I order in advance?

There is a lot involved in the ordering process for awards, so don’t leave ordering them until the very last minute. Make sure you have enough time to think about your design, text and logo, as well as enough time to confirm this is correct. Additionally, you will need to make sure there is enough time for the award to be created, engravings to be carried out and for the award delivered to you.

In order to produce the best engraved crystal and glass awards, the process is better off not being rushed – but they are well worth the wait.

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