Brandy glass engraving ideas

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Tulip glass or balloon snifter? Which glass is best to use to enjoy a fine cognac or brandy is purely a personal one. Often regarded as one of the world’s most enjoyable and finest of beverages, with brandy being the collective name for any spirit distilled from wine and cognac a particular type of brandy distilled from the Ugni Blanc grape, connoisseurs of this drink believe that to get the most flavour from a good brandy, only two types of glasses are suitable.

Experts regard the tulip glass to be the best cognac glass, with its distinctive flower shape as the name suggests, but the most popular and more widely used is the brandy snifter. Recognisable to most people everywhere, it has a wide bell-shaped bottom that narrows towards the mouth. Each glass allows maximum bouquet and aromas to be released, and both are also perfect as an engraved brandy glass.

Aged, vintage or matured

Given the maturing process for brandy, it may be quite appropriate when looking for a suitable inscription to play on this theme for a beloved male relation, friend or colleague. ‘Aged like a fine Cognac’ with the recipient’s name also engraved is one possibility, and ‘1960 Vintage’ (dependent on the year of birth) is another, or maybe ‘Grandad, Matured for 70 years’.

Less is more

A simple monogram can be very effective and rather tasteful if something more personal is required on an engraved brandy glass. A pair of initials in a bold font can have impact and style, as can a business or club logo. Even a coat of arms has appeal and a sense of tradition without the need for words or quotes.

Back to nature

As any brandy drinker will know, warming the glass adds flavour and gives more enjoyment to the tipple. An endearing and popular theme for engraved brandy glasses is to engrave a baby animal or mythical figure, such as a baby dragon, onto the bowl of the glass, so when a drinker cups the glass to warm the brandy, it appears that the animal is sitting in the palm of the hand. Engraved brandy glasses with nature scenes depicting the seasons or country style activities, such as shooting, fishing, golf or cycling, are also a common choice.

Matching sets

For male members of a wedding party, brandy glasses dedicated to Groom, Best Man, Father, Father of the Bride and Groomsman are ideal wedding mementos. Other novel sets of engraved brandy glasses could include the days of the week, such as Moody Monday, Tipsy Tuesday and so on, or maybe ‘choose your poison’ glasses engraved with Hemlock, Arsenic, Cyanide and Strychnine to add some quirkiness and dark humour.

An engraved brandy glass, whether tulip or balloon shaped, can convey heartfelt sentiments and best wishes in a variety of ways. Whether traditional and straightforward, the imparting of worldly wisdom or just to say ‘Cheers!’, all say the same thing, in their own way – ‘think of me when you enjoy a glass or two!’

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