Innovative ‘corkscrew’ wine glass traps sediment

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A husband and wife team from Colorado have designed a new wine glass. The unique design of the wine glass decants the wine for you.

Decanting is the usual way to remove sediment. With this new design, however, the sediment is trapped in a corkscrew or spiral pattern which is embedded in the bottom of the glass, where the bowl meets the stem. When wine is poured straight from the bottle, sometimes sediment collects at the bottom of the bowl, but this is now collected by the corkscrew ensuring that the last mouthful is not tainted with the leftover sediment.

Margarita Vacanti explains how the couple came up with the design:

“My husband and I were enjoying a delicious bottle of red wine until our last few sips were tainted by a bitter flow of sediment. Inspired by the shape of a corkscrew and how it grips a cork, we embarked on a journey to revolutionise the wine drinking experience.”

Patrick and Margarita Vacanti have been developing this design since 2012, and over the past five years have spoken to a number of experts in the wine industry, including sommeliers, restaurant owners, wineries and consumers. The glass is hand-blown and called Spirale, and is guaranteed to trap the sediment even after the glass is fully tilted.

Some fine winemakers believe that fining and filtering wine to remove sediment can have a detrimental effect on the wine’s quality. Who knows, the future design of all wine glasses may feature an embedded corkscrew effect, good news when choosing engraved wine glasses for an avid wine lover.

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