Engraved glass gift ideas

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Giving engraved glass gifts to a loved one, respected family member or special friend is one way to create great one-of-a-kind gifts. Going the extra mile by choosing a keepsake that has special resonance and meaning between the giver and recipient, can result in a very thoughtful and lasting gift.

Unique personalised gifts can be an interesting talking point, giving years of pleasure for eye-catching and memorable pieces. Engraved glass gifts may be funny, quirky, romantic, commemorative, or traditional, with the style and personalisation only limited by the imagination.

Food and drink

For the ‘foodies’ and those who like a tipple, there are plenty of engraved glass gifts with this in mind. Ideal as wedding or housewarming gifts, they may include, glass chopping boards, cake-stands and trifle bowls personalised with good wishes and congratulations.

Another good choice is bakeware engraved with ‘Baked with love, by (name)’ or ‘Made with Love & Nutter’. A glass drinks dispenser would attract a lot of attention, especially inscribed with ‘There’s nothing better than a lazy summer’s day’, and engraved glass tankards have been a firm favourite for many years, often taking pride of place in the drink cabinet. Glass coasters engraved with a simple monogram or a family crest make unique engraved glass gifts, and can be a point of interest and discussion.

Importance of family

Displaying a family tree is an old tradition and is a great way to illustrate the bond of family ties. Glass plaques displaying a tree, with the two family names either side and their descendants, are a memorable and novel way to show off the family roots. This can be just as effective on glass vases and makes for perfect engraved glass gifts.

Alternatively, celebrate a graduation with a personalised glass block. A popular inscription is ‘Life is a journey and only you hold the map…Class of 2017’. Engraving a copy of a wedding or baby shower invitation onto a glass plaque or block can be a permanent reminder of special and memorable family occasions.

His and hers

Glass trinket and jewellery boxes are lovely engraved glass gifts that can be personalised for birthdays, St. Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries and Mother’s Day. Perfect for any lady, of any age, an engraved glass gift which will grace a dressing table for many years.

For a fun gift for a female teacher or friend choose a cookie jar engraved ‘Miss Johnson’s Treat Jar’ or ‘Sarah’s Biscuit Jar’, for example. Men with a sense of humour would probably be equally happy receiving a large glass cookie jar engraved, ‘Dave’s Man Cave Snacks’ or something along those lines. Presenting a dad with a tankard engraved, ‘Dad’s Taxi, (number plate) Happy Father’s Day!’ is sure to raise a smile. While some may appreciate an engraved pint glass with a completed crossword, filled down and across, with terms of endearment, love and gratitude.

Engraved glass gifts are suitable for any occasion and can be lasting and special mementos. They can be passed down through the family or added to over the years, making a unique and personal collection to be treasured and enjoyed.

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