Recognising employees’ value with engraved awards

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Employee recognition is acknowledging effort, accomplishments and the contributions individual employees and teams make to a business. Engraved awards tell employees that their achievements are recognised.

Why recognition matters

Employee recognition is a key part of business success. Many industries have an issue with employee retention resulting in a large turnover of staff each year. A survey found that 66% of employees say they would leave if they felt unappreciated. Employees that don’t feel valued are likely to walk away from their job.

A poll by Gallup found that, if a business appreciates and recognises employees, this can increase productivity and revenue from between 10% to 20%.

High staff morale reduces absenteeism, theft and accidents. Staff that feel unmotivated are more likely to be suffering from stress and other mental health issues.

Staff recognition can increase sales, productivity and customer service levels. All this adds up to increased profitability.

The two types of recognition

Recognition can be formal or informal. Informal recognition includes simply saying a thank you to a member of staff who has done well. It might be a “slap on the back” that says “well done!”, or it can be in the form of an email or text message or social media likes. Tweets that praise are also effective in recognising good performance.

Informal recognition is effective in inspiring and motivating staff. Some companies have a culture of blame when things go wrong without praising when things are right, and thus create an unhealthy working environment. Every day, managers and supervisors should informally praise staff who make a difference.

Formal recognition is marked with awards. These are usually part of an event during which an award is formally pretended to an employee. Awards include ones to mark long service, employee of the month, the top sales team, and the best customer service representative.

A formal recognition event is a time to celebrate publicly. An award for exceptional achievement inspires other members of staff to strive to achieve performance excellence. Public awards create the impression that the company is a good one to work for.

Why not invite family and loved ones of the person receiving the award to attend the event? You could even record a video of it and upload it to social media.

Engraved awards

Engraved glass awards are ideal for employee recognition. They are personalised with the recipient’s name and can also include images such as the company logo. They come in everything from simple oval and rectangle shapes to curved, coloured glass and crystal glass. They may be inexpensive to purchase, but to the employee or team that receives them, they are priceless.

Awards can be displayed in the workplace, or if staff prefer to take them home, a wall of fame celebrates the employee awards with photographs of the awards ceremony.

Of course, engraved awards are not just for business; they are ideal as sporting trophies too. They can also be given to friends and family to recognise the achievements of loved ones.

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