The importance of engraved whisky glasses for drinkers

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Engraved whisky glasses are an ideal personalised gift for anyone who loves the drink, because a quality glass helps the drinker savour the complex flavours of the whisky.

Four receptacles

The palette that tastes the whisky is the fourth receptacle that holds whisky and adds to its flavour. The first receptacle is the cask (often made from wood) where the spirit develops its distinctive taste and character, The second is the bottle whose design heightens the anticipation of the whisky drinking pleasure. The glass is the third vessel that holds the whisky before it is sipped into the mouth for the palette to taste.

Does the glass alter the taste?

Some whisky connoisseurs claim that the shape and material of the glass affect the taste of the whisky, but is this true? Try sipping whisky from different glasses or china teacups. Is there a difference in taste? Most people do experience a difference, though this may be subtle, not distinct.

The history of the whisky drinking vessel

There are many different vessels available today, but in the 16th century, most people drank whisky from a quaich – a shallow bowl made from wood staves with “lugs” (small handles) on either side.

In the 17th Century, silversmiths made quaiches from silver, many engraved with elaborate patterns. The 19th Century saw the creation of glass tumblers. At first, glasses were expensive with only the rich able to afford them, but as glass production costs fell, many tumblers were sold to less prosperous whisky drinkers to replace the quaich. Most people now drink whisky from small tumblers, either neat or with ice and mixers.

The rise of malt whisky

Until the beginning of the 1990s, most whiskies were blends, with only a small selection of malt whiskies available. Over the last few years, there has been an increased interest in single malt whiskies, which has inspired a following of whisky connoisseurs. Like wine experts, whisky drinkers explore a variety of malt whiskies and delight in discovering rare small-batch malts. These dedicated drinkers are usually particular about the type of glassware they use too.

Crystal or plain glass?

Whisky drinkers debate fiercely over which is best out of plain glass or crystal whisky tumblers. Crystal-cut glasses are made from premium quality glass and are more expensive, but some still prefer plain glass. Whether one type makes the whisky taste better is a matter of personal choice and is highly subjective. Both look good and have the reassuring weight that drinkers require when holding a glass in their hands.

Whether you are an expert whisky drinker or simply enjoy the occasional dram, a plain glass or crystal engraved whisky glass makes an ideal drinking vessel for whisky.

Personalising the drinking experience

Plain or crystal whisky glasses can be personalised by engraving. Adding a message to the glass makes it the perfect gift for those who enjoy whisky, The engraved message can be anything you want, whether it’s to commemorate a special occasion, mark a business award or say thank you.

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