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On Saturday 23rd April 2022, people all over the world will be celebrating German Beer Day. If you’re a fan of the foamy, malted beverage then read on for a quick guide to this special day.

The history of German Beer Day

On 23rd April 1516, the Reinheitsgebot came into effect in Germany. Wondering what on earth the Reinheitsgebot is? It is known as the beer purity law. The Reinheitsgebot is an actual law that states in Germany, beer can only be brewed using four ingredients. These ingredients are hops, water, yeast, and malt. Originally enforced in the state of Bavaria, the law gradually spread to the rest of the country. There have been numerous amendments to the law, which have relaxed it somewhat, but it was originally implemented to ensure consumers were getting a good quality product and also ensure there was enough rye and wheat for making bread.

How to celebrate German Beer Day

German beer is often thought to be superior to that of other nations. Perhaps it is because some of the world’s oldest breweries can be found in the country. The best way to celebrate this day is surely to enjoy some German beer yourself. Why not enjoy a Weizenbock in an engraved beer tankard or maybe a Roggenbier in a beer stein?

German beer can add class to any event, big or small. German Beer Day gives people the chance to recognise the skills of German brewers everywhere.

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