Best wines for Christmas gatherings

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Whether you’re choosing wine as a gift for someone this Christmas or simply want to enjoy a nice drink in a Christmas engraved wine glass at a festive gathering this year, then there are multiple different wines you can choose from. The key things to consider are whether a regular bottle will do or whether you may need to choose something fancier.

A wine for family gatherings

Since families are usually just grateful to see each other this Christmas, festive family gatherings can benefit from a nice chardonnay. Oaky flavoured Chardonnay wines are great for pairing with nibbles such as nuts or Christmas time pastries.

A wine for the wine connoisseur

If you have a friend who is particularly interested in wine and want to show up with a nice bottle for you both to enjoy in your favourite engraved wine glasses then the way to impress is to spend a bit more and go for a Savagnin. It’s a great wine for when it’s time to get out your cheeseboard.

A wine for everyone

Larger festive gatherings can benefit from a standard bottle of Cava that is similar to Champagne but is classed as a sparkling wine. This will hit the spot and get everyone in the festive mood.

Christmas Day wine

Being prepared when it’s your turn to host is important and that means you need to pick the best wine. People often go for Port or Vinho Verde but to mix things up a bit, a Prunus red from Dão is an elegant choice that will warm your guests up and compliment your food.

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