Architects and designers lead the way in trophy design

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The statuettes and trophies presented at some of the most prestigious award ceremonies are now getting as much attention as the recipients. Organisers are turning to designers, artists and architects to create bespoke pieces of artwork which capture the imagination as well as represent an award for outstanding achievement.

We take a look at some of the more recent awards from two particular ceremonies.

The Brits

The organisers of the Brit Awards commissioned the late architect Zaha Hadid to create the 2017 statuette. She designed five versions of the iconic Britannia figure, and the curved white figures were to represent ‘diversity’.

In 2018, sculptor Anish Kapoor created a clear red perspex block with the form of the Britannia figure as it’s hollow centre, the intention was to challenge perspectives.

The 2019 statuette has been designed by architect David Adjaye, and the solid glass statuette has been cast to represent more ‘unique’ proportions than the usual hourglass figure of Britannia.

The Fashion Awards

Marc Newson is an industrial designer who was asked to create the 2016 Fashion Awards trophy. His creation mirrors rock structures and crystal clusters, with an unusual hexagonal design.

The 2017 trophy by architect John Pawson, featured cylindrical blocks of crystal with threads of primary colours running through them, a representation of design at ‘its simplest possible form’.

The 2018 Fashion Awards saw David Adjaye create a six-sided crystal column that tapered upwards, the triangular facets form ‘beautiful and unexpected refractions’.

Creating imaginative engraved crystal awards is something we do very well, here at H Cooper Glass Engravers. We have a wide choice of designs to suit for any special achievement or occasion.

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