Redesigning the E! People’s Choice Awards trophy

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The popular entertainment news show E! is scheduled to present the 2018 live People’s Choice Awards on Sunday 11th November and this year sees the introduction of the redesigned E! trophy, by renowned London-born artist and designer, Anna Karlin.

Currently working and based in New York, Karlin has taken the brief to create a relevant and modern piece of work that lives up to the glamour of Hollywood, and designed a sleek and fresh trophy that is in complete contrast to the usual statuettes and trophies.

Modelled on the iconic exclamation mark which is a part of the E! logo, the simple but effective design resembles a work of sculpture rather than a show-business award, and has captured the spirit of the E! entertainment news show.

Standing at 12 inches and weighing in at 4.6 pounds, the striking trophy is finished in brass which has been polished to reflect a subtle golden hue. The engraved awards bear the E! logo and the words ‘People’s Choice Awards’, bringing home the fact all the winners are chosen by the viewing public.

Describing the design, Anna Karlin told E! News:

“That was the brief. They were like we want it to have something to do with our logo, but they were very open to it being abstract and as creative as possible. They didn’t want to hinder any creative process, but they definitely had that in the brief.”

There are 43 categories altogether and online voting will continue right up until the winners are announced live.

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