The affordable luxury of an engraved champagne glass

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Champagne is an affordable luxury drink and, to be enjoyed at its best, needs to be drunk out of a specially engraved champagne glass.

Affordable luxuries

When people think about luxury, they may associate the word with a diamond ring, a world cruise, a Rolls Royce car or a Rolex watch, but there are many luxury items that are much more affordable than these very expensive ones. You don’t have to be rich to indulge in luxuries, so everyone can add one or two to their lifestyle.

You can buy a pack of basic ballpoint pens for a pound or two, but a luxury ballpoint pen with a pretty design on it can be purchased for less than £20.

Candles can be bought very cheaply, but for a little extra, you can buy one that contain natural essential oils with aromas that are more sensual and enjoyable.

We are encouraged not to buy water in one-use plastic bottles for environmental reasons, but you can buy luxury water bottles that are insulated to keep the water cool, coming in vibrant colours and stylish shapes. Simply fill with tap water and save the cost of buying water, while feeling fashionable and eco-conscious.

Affordable fizzy wine

You can buy fizzy wine for less than £5, and this may be fine for a casual drink, but champagne lovers say that no other type of fizzy wine tastes as good as genuine champagne. You can buy a bottle of champagne for under £12, which definitely makes it an affordable luxury.

Of course, there are champagnes to suit all budgets. A 2008 vintage Dom Pérignon champagne costs around £140 a bottle. Today, a Taste of Diamonds champagne is on sale for $2.07 million. It is a blend of Pinot Noir, Grand Cru Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier which Champagne Business News declared the best tasting champagne. Its bottle has a signature logo handmade from 18-carat solid gold with a flawless 19-carat deep cut white diamond.

The affordable luxury of an engraved champagne glass

Whether you are drinking champagne costing less than £15 or one worth hundreds or thousands of pounds, the glass it is drunk from is important. An engraved champagne glass adds to the drinking experience.

Drinking champagne is not just about the taste of the drink, but also smelling the aromas, feeling the texture of the glass in the hand, and appreciating the colour of the liquid in the glass.

An engraved champagne glass is an affordable luxury. You can buy one for less than £10, or a crystal champagne glass costs just a few pounds more. The price you pay includes engraving. Champagne is traditionally used for a toast to celebrate a special occasion or an achievement. To make the occasion more memorable, use champagne glasses engraved with a message that commemorates the reason for the toast.

We all deserve a special treat now and again. Give a loved one the luxury experience of drinking champagne from an engraved champagne glass.

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