Engraved champagne glasses for that special toast

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The traditional way to celebrate an occasion or achievement is a champagne toast. Whether you are celebrating the start of a new year, a sporting achievement, or getting that sought-after job, a toast with champagne makes the occasion special. Champagne is a luxury drink that should be served in engraved champagne glasses.

The origins of the toast

There are many theories to the origins of the toast. Some believe that the sound of glasses clinking ward off evil spirits. It is true that the sound of glasses touching in a toast contributes to the sensuous experience of champagne.

Wine was often dispensed from a single pitcher to prove that it was not poisoned, and this communal sharing could be the basis of the toast.

In Greece, words were offered to the gods before drinking and this ritual is said to be the origin of the toast. Incidentally, the word ‘toast’ is thought to have come from the practice of dropping actual toast into rancid wine to make it more palatable.

Fortunately, champagne needs no burnt bread floating in it to improve its flavour, neither do the gods need to be placated before drinking. People no longer fear being poisoned by the wine or champagne they drink – unless they consume too much.

The importance of the glass

Most champagne experts recommend drinking champagne in a flute glass. A decade or two ago, it was fashionable to serve champagne in a wide-brimmed glass. The issue with wide rims is that the bubbles get to the surface more quickly and vanish at a fast rate. The flute makes the bubbles last longer retaining the distinctive fizz taste of champagne. This is not a view shared by all drinkers, you can still purchase wide brimmed champagne glasses for those who prefer them.

Champagne is a luxury drink that goes with luxury quality glasses. The comedy TV series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ may have depicted champagne as an everyday drink, but many people only drink champagne on special occasions. A luxury drink deserves serving in a luxury glass, and a champagne flute made from top quality glass is recommended.

Special engraved champagne glasses

Engraved champagne glasses make a toast special if they are engraved with an inscription that commemorates the occasion. For extra special luxury, use engraved crystal champagne glasses. Crystal is a premium grade glass that costs a little extra but is well worth it. Crystal glass can be plain or have an engraved pattern and a panel for displaying a message.

Any message can be engraved on a champagne glass and images can be etched onto the glass.

Engraved champagne glasses make great gifts that can last beyond the champagne toast. They may commemorate an occasions but it is a shame to use them only once. Champagne can be served in them for many more toasts.

Engraved champagne glasses make excellent gifts, especially when given in presentation boxes. They can commemorate a special occasion, mark an achievement, or be given to express gratitude to someone special.

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