Films shown at drive-in cinemas now eligible for Oscars

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The Academy has recently announced that films screened at drive-in cinemas will be considered for the Oscars in 2021.

With the coronavirus pandemic reshaping many aspects of the world, the film industry is no exception. Cinemas were forced to close during lockdown in the UK, with only select venues now reopening, and changing regulations have forced the industry to get creative. Already popular in the US, drive-in cinemas have been trialled in the UK over the summer. As well as allowing fans to return to watching new releases, the novelty of drive-in cinemas adds another reason for people to pay them a visit.

To be eligible for the Oscars in 2021 and to have a chance of winning the sought-after Oscar statuette, a film must have been shown for seven days in one of the qualifying areas.

The iconic Oscar trophy itself, first presented in 1929, depicts a golden Art Deco knight standing on a film reel. The reel of film has five spokes, representing technicians, producers, directors, actors and writers, forming the original branches of the Academy. Now instantly recognisable, the gold-plated bronze statues were first presented in 1929, and symbolise the most famous award in the film industry.

These engraved awards have changed very little, with only minor adjustments to the base, which holds the engraved nameplate. To avoid Oscar winners being leaked prematurely, nameplates for all potential winners are created beforehand, and the Oscar is awarded blank. The correct plates are then applied to the statuettes at the Governor’s Ball, held immediately after the ceremony.

Despite the disruption of coronavirus, it seems the Oscars are determined to go ahead and work around the new restrictions.

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