Exploring the US Masters’ Trophies

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Played each year, in the first week of April at Augusta National Golf Club, the US Masters is the first major tournament in the golfing calendar. First played in 1934, there are a number of famous trophies associated with the competition.

Green Jacket and the Gold Medal

The tradition of presenting the winner of the tournament with the Green Jacket didn’t begin until 1949, but since the inception of the competition in 1934, each winner has received a gold medal. Measuring 3.4 inches wide, the medal is engraved with a picture of the Augusta Clubhouse.

The Masters Trophy

The Masters Trophy itself, was made in the UK, as are the Green Jackets. It was first presented in 1961 and is a fabulous depiction of the Augusta Clubhouse made from over 900 individual pieces of silver, engraved with the winner’s names. The trophy is permanently kept at the clubhouse, but since 1993 winners have received a sterling silver replica.

Runner-up Trophy

The Runner-up trophy is also kept at the club, it too has the recipient’s name engraved on it. The runner-up is awarded with a silver medal similar in size to the gold medal, but weighing 1.7 ounces. Since 1978, the runner-up also takes away a Silver Salver.

Individual Prizes

There are also individual prizes, starting with the Silver Cup presented to any amateur who makes the cut. This was first presented in 1952. Since 1954, other crystal awards include a crystal vase for a day’s lowest score, a crystal bowl for a hole-in-one and a pair of crystal goblets for an eagle.

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