A look at the different F1 Grand Prix trophies

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The Grand Prix season grips motor-racing fans every year with the excitement and thrills of ultra-fast cars, and the big personalities of the drivers. There is also a lot of interest in the trophies up for grabs, with each having distinct, and sometimes controversial, qualities.

The French Grand Prix Trophy

A red, white and blue gorilla holding aloft a Pirelli tyre is presented to the winner of the French Grand Prix. This striking engraved award is a collaboration between a French designer and an Italian sponsor. The French tri-colours are an obvious choice, but it is less clear what the gorilla represents.

The Monaco Grand Prix Trophy

An intricate depiction of the Monaco circuit, sculpted in dazzling gold. The Monaco emblem sits on the long curve along with an engraved plate with the winner’s name on it. The trophy is a stunning piece of art, and looks quite at home among the yachts and prestigious cars of the super-rich Monaco crowd.

The British Grand Prix Trophy

Not for keeps, the British Grand Prix trophy remains under the ownership of the Royal Automobile Club, and is just brought out for the presentation. The trophy is an ornate and flamboyant affair, with a fancy floral design vying for attention with the highly polished mahogany base and Victorian insignia.

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