The ultimate guide to the perfect gin glass

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Gin has become one the most popular drinks in recent years, and with countless varieties and colours available on the market, gin cocktails are the latest trend to hit the bars and clubs. As with all cocktails, choosing the perfect glass will always enhance the taste sensation.

The Copa

A tall stem and large, wide bowl brings out the botanical aromas of gin. Use this glass for a classic gin and tonic and an improved drinking experience.

The Highball

Long gin cocktails, such as a Tom Collins or Red Snapper are well suited to this glass which can be filled to the top with ice in the warm summer evenings.

The Martini Glass

A wide open brim allows the gin aromas to open up and stops the ingredients of a Gin Martini or Gimlet from separating. A sophisticated and stylish way to enjoy your favourite tipple.

Rocks Glass

A short glass usually reserved for serving drinks ‘on the rocks’, it is also perfect for a Negroni, allowing solid ingredients to be mashed with a muddler. The heavy base feels good to hold when drinking a short gin cocktail.

The Champagne Coupe

A touch of glamour is brought to any gin cocktail served in this glass. The wide shallow bowl helps to aerate the gin, and is an elegant way to enjoy a Clover Club.

Champagne Glass

The tall slender champagne glass is a must for sparkling gin cocktails like the French 75. A sophisticated way to celebrate, with style and panache.

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