New world record set for beer tankard carrying

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A tax inspector from Bavaria, Germany achieved a new world record for carrying the most beer tankards.

The event took place Sunday, September 3 at a popular Bavarian festival in Adensberg, and was witnessed by around 1,500 spectators. Dating from the 14th Century, when pilgrims used to walk to Adensberg, the Gillamoos Fair is one of the oldest beer festivals in Bavaria.

Oliver Strumpfel managed to beat the existing record, held by an Australian, by carrying 29 engraved glass tankards full of beer across the required 40 metre stretch without spilling more than 10% of the tankard’s contents. When empty, each tankard weighed about 1.3kg, but once full of beer the weight increases to over 70kg. Officials were also present to adjudicate, including one from the German record institute and another notary, to ensure the feat was completed correctly.

Strumpfel has been practising his technique for 10 years with fitness exercises to strengthen his arms, shoulders and back. He has also worked as a waiter at the many beer festivals in Germany to perfect the art of carrying multiple glass tankards. One of the hardest parts of the challenge is keeping spillage to a minimum when placing the tankards on the table.

After the event, Strumpfel said:

“Even during training I never managed to carry so many tankards. I knew I could do it, but not so soon as I did.”

The steady-handed German hinted that he wants to build on this achievement and will attempt to carry 30 next time.

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