Champagne glasses should be as special as the bubbly

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Celebrating with a glass of champagne is part of any special occasion, sure to be filled with fond memories and cherished loved ones. There are many varieties of champagne on the market today, including sparkling English Wines and cava. However, before you pop the cork on your favourite bottle of bubbly, consider the glasses you will be using to serve your guests.

The most common type of champagne glass is the flute. The long stem provides a place to hold the glass without warming the liquid, and the tall skinny shape of the bowl allows for a large serving.

Champagne tulips look similar to wine glasses, but the wider bowl is complemented by a narrow top. This style allows the tasty aromas from the champagne to be trapped inside the glass, only experienced when the glass is tipped forward to take a sip.

Champagne saucers were commonly found in the 19th century, featuring a wide-open mouth on the short bowl. This style allows the bubbles from the champagne to escape quickly, filling the room with the sophisticated scent of the drink.

Finally, a modern approach to champagne glasses are glasses without the traditional stem. While these types of glasses are not tipped over as easily as their stem-bearing foes, they allow the liquid to be warmed by the holders’ fingertips.
At H. Cooper Glass Engravers, we offer several types of engraved champagne flutes and glasses that can make ideal gifts for guests at your wedding or birthday celebration. Our champagne glasses are available in a satin gift box if desired and may be engraved with your personal message.

Champagne glasses are similar to wine glasses in that the several shapes that are available have been designed specifically for the different types of sparkling wine. Your choice of glass can be just as important and classy as your choice of bubbly.

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