Why virtual award ceremonies need engraved glass awards

Why virtual award ceremonies need engraved glass awards

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many awards ceremonies have turned to a virtual format, as it has not been possible to hold events attended by many people. When life gets back to normal and restrictions are lifted, it’s expected that the online habit will remain, as the various lockdowns have shown that we don’t have to travel to attend meetings. In addition, international award ceremonies held online don’t require people to travel far on aeroplanes, and this reduces the carbon footprint of individuals and businesses.

If your award night is virtual, the people or organisations that receive the awards should still be presented with a physical award, and engraved glass awards are ideal as permanent reminders of achievements.

Why award ceremonies matter

While some award ceremonies have been cancelled over the course of the pandemic, many have moved online because the organisers have recognised the value of awards.

People like watching award ceremonies because they lift the spirits, and this is what is needed in a lockdown, during which many people feel isolated due to spending so much time at home.

Innovative businesses get noticed at awards and individual achievements are recognised. Sponsors of awards can show their support for an industry, and, as a result, can be associated with excellence.

Organising virtual award events

It’s not difficult to transform what is usually a physical event into a virtual one. The entry and judging are the same, except that judges meet online. Video technology such as the Zoom platform makes it easy to hold events virtually.

It can be easier to find sponsors for virtual events when you let them know that the audience for a virtual event can be larger, especially if the event is recorded, so not everybody has to attend the event at the same time. There are no travel and hotel expenses involved, so they are not barriers to attending.

Distributing the engraved awards

The process of engraving glass awards is not different in a virtual awards ceremony. As long as the winners of each award are known in advance, glass awards can be engraved by the glass award supplier with suitable messages on them.

Awards can be sent out in advance to the winners so that they can hold them up when making acceptance speeches. Ideally, arrangements should be made to deliver the award in secret to a member of the winner’s household, who will keep the winner in the dark about their award until it is revealed. The award is then a genuine surprise and their acceptance speech can express this.

The alternative is to deliver the awards after the ceremony, packed in secure padded packaging.

Choose engraved glass awards

Whether the awards ceremony is online or in person, engraved glass awards are ideal. They can be engraved with a message saying what the award is for, and who it is given to. They can also include an engraved image, such as a brand logo or sports team badge.

The pandemic has not killed the importance of giving engraved glass awards to recognise outstanding achievements.

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