Why engraved glass trophies make all the difference

Why engraved glass trophies make all the difference

Parents and teachers often tell children that they should value what they do in itself and not focus on winning awards for achievements. That’s not to say, however, that trophies are not special to people.

There are many types of awards – certificates, medals, silver cups, but one of the most popular ones are engraved glass trophies. Whether you are a child or adult, there are several benefits to receiving them.


Engraved glass trophies look great, but they achieve far more than looking good. They motivate, inspire and create memories that last long after an event.

When an engraved glass award is presented, it causes feelings of pride. Engraved glass trophies are not meant to be hidden away in a cupboard, they are proudly displayed for everyone to see.

Not just for the recipient

The person who receives the engraved glass trophy will feel strong positive emotions, but the trophy also affects others. If given for a sporting achievement, trophies show others what can be achieved if they train hard and improve their skills.

Engraved glass awards given for outstanding achievements at work inspire employees to work better and be more productive so that they also qualify for a trophy.

In the family, a son or daughter with trophies in their room inspires siblings to strive for awards.


Many awards are not long-lasting. Employers give bonuses for achievements or hitting sales targets. These are very welcome, but the money goes into the employee’s bank account, is spent and is gone. Gift certificates are popular awards that last until they are spent.

Saying “well done” and shaking someone’s hand is a good way to recognise achievements, but this gesture does not last.

A certificate is framed and looks impressive displayed on the wall, but does not have the same impact as engraved glass trophies. Engraved glass trophies come in many shapes and sizes, all designed to look good. Provided a glass trophy is not dropped on a hard floor, it will last indefinitely.

Glass is one of the most long-lasting materials. It does not tarnish and will endure as long as it is stored away from high humidity. Provided it is looked after, a glass trophy awarded today will be around for many generations to admire.

Personalised and affordable

Engraved glass trophies are personalised with the recipient’s name. They can include an image such as a company logo or sports team badge. There is plenty of space for additional words that commemorate the achievement the trophy represents.

The person that receives an engraved glass trophy will have the pride of ownership that does not have a monetary value. The person or organisation that purchases the glass trophy does not have to pay a fortune for a quality well-designed trophy. A simple elegant rectangle-shaped trophy is very affordable, and while a premium quality crystal trophy will cost a little more, it still represents excellent value for money for a top-class trophy.

Engraved glass trophies make ideal awards to give to special people.

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