Why choose engraved glass awards?

Why choose engraved glass awards?

Awards recognise achievements or commemorate special occasions. There are many award options available, but one top choice is engraved glass awards. Read on for some of the benefits of choosing this type of award.


Glass has been around for thousands of years, and it has a timeless look. Like all classic products, glass awards are not subject to trends or fashion – they are always in style. There is no particular demographic associated with glass awards. Young or old, glass awards appeal to everyone.


A sparkling glass award is versatile, ideal for corporate awards and recognising employees who have made outstanding contributions to a business. Glass awards can also be used to recognise sporting achievements, for both individual and team winners.

In addition, glass awards make perfect personalised gifts for friends and family. They can mark special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries. They can also be gifted to commemorate milestones, such as passing a driving test, landing a dream job or getting engaged.

Glass awards can also be tokens of gratitude, to thank a neighbour or a friend who has helped at a time of crisis, for example.

Space for personalisation

Large flat panel or curved glass awards have plenty of room for an engraved message. Messages can be engraved in a variety of fonts, and an image can be included too. The award can be further personalised by including the recipient’s name.


Engraved glass awards come in many shapes and sizes. They can be curved or flat, rectangular, hexagonal or circular, to name just a few options. There is also the choice between standard clear glass or coloured glass, the options of which include red, green and blue.

Glass awards are normally fixed to a stand so that they can be easy displayed on a shelf, desk or in a display cabinet, but again, this can be customised.

An alternative to glass awards is engraved drinking glasses. A set of crystal engraved champagne flutes accompanied by a bottle of vintage champagne, for example, is a special luxury gift that can be given to someone special.

Value for money

An engraved glass award is great value for money as it can cost less than £12, and this price includes engraving. There are awards to suit all budgets, from simple designs to luxurious crystal glass awards.

Choose glass

There are many ways to award someone and recognise their achievements. Saying thank you is fine, but it may not have a lasting impact. In the business world, bonuses are sometimes used to reward high-achieving employees. These are great but are temporary, as the money is soon spent. Silver cups are traditionally given for sporting competitions, but you can’t beat the timeless quality and elegant style of a glass awards. If in doubt about what kind of award to choose, you can’t go wrong with engraved glass awards.

For an award that is memorable and will be treasured long after it has been received, choose engraved glass awards. They will no doubt be proudly displayed for everyone to see and admire.

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