What are the best glasses for gin cocktails?

What are the best glasses for gin cocktails?

The recent sunshine has provided the perfect opportunity to spend some balmy evenings with a selection of gin cocktails to sip as the sun sets.

Whether you like to keep it simple or enjoy trying new flavour combinations, there’s a gin glass for your favourite tipple, and engraved drinkware makes the experience all the more special.

Copa de Balon

The Copa de Balon is the ideal match for a classic gin and tonic. Its wide brim allows the fragrance of the gin’s natural botanicals to float freely out. This glass also keeps a gin and tonic chilled for longer. It’s large, round shape leaves plenty of room for ice, and the stem avoids the liquid being warmed by the drinker’s hand.


The V shape of the iconic martini glass stops the drink’s ingredients from separating, whilst providing space for a cocktail stick garnish to enhance its look and flavour. A classic Martini, made with gin, is the best choice for this glass.


The highball is a tall, straight glass that is best for long drinks. It has a narrow brim that will keep cocktails fizzy and chilled. This glass is great for a lemony Tom Collins or punchy Long Island Iced Tea.


A small wide-mouthed glass with a thick base, the lowball is the glass for recipes involving ‘muddled’ fruits. Try a Negroni in a lowball glass with plenty of ice.


Flute glasses are perfect for gin cocktails with champagne or prosecco in their recipes, such as a classic French 75, as its narrow rim keeps your drink carbonated.

Make someone feel special with a personalised engraved gin glass, so they can enjoy their summer evenings in style.

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