Some weird and wonderful sporting trophies

Some weird and wonderful sporting trophies

In the sporting arena, moments don’t come much better than lifting a trophy won square and fair. Silver, crystal or glass awards have a real touch of traditional class, but when it comes to designing a trophy, any rules are arguably there to be broken.

In the Yamaha Ladies Open, the Japanese golf tournament, the winner can expect to take home a speedboat, while the winning golfer in the Italian Open is presented with their weight in Grana Padano, one of Italy’s most popular cheeses.

For cyclists winning the Paris-Roubaix Trophy, a cobblestone mounted on a wooden plinth is the prize. The cobblestone is said to represent some of the toughest and most challenging routes of the course.

Skier Lyndsey Vonn was pleased to receive a calf for winning her race at Val d’Isere in 2005, and has since added to her livestock collection with further wins, including some goats.

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR), awards seven-foot grandfather clocks to its winners. Richard Petty, now retired, has won 15 clocks and had a further one presented to him by the clockmaker.

A college football tournament between Missouri and Iowa State is for the Telephone Trophy. The replica telephone has been battled for since 1959, when the teams’ coaches could hear what the other team were saying due to crossed wires on their headsets.

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