A taste of something different for Whiskey Sour Day

A taste of something different for Whiskey Sour Day

Not to be confused with World Whisky Day, which is held annually on the third Saturday in May, Whiskey Sour Day on the 25th August is a celebration of one of the most famous cocktails in the world.

A classic Whiskey Sour is traditionally made with Bourbon whiskey (hence the different spelling to Scotch whisky), lemon juice and sugar, garnished with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry, then shaken and served over ice or served straight.

Believed to have been created by Elliot Stubb, the drink was first mentioned in 1862 in a Wisconsin publication. Yet it was not until the mid-1900’s, that a story published in El Comercio de Iquique actually attributed the creation to Mr Stubbs. Today, there are many variations of the classic recipe, such as Knob Creek Sour Ginger which uses a ginger liqueur instead of sugar and lemon. Alternatively, the 1870 Sour is a blend of maple syrup, blueberries and wine mixed with a classic bourbon.

There are also some variations that use Scotch whisky instead of bourbon, for example the Glen Livet Whisky Sour, which uses the Founder’s Reserve, apple, lemon and lime juice, sugar and Angostura bitters. The addition of egg white gives this interesting drink a silky finish. You can also simply swap the bourbon for a good single malt Scotch whisky and enjoy blended with lemon and sugar syrup.

Here at H Cooper Glass Engravers, we think Whiskey Sour Day is a good excuse to get out your best engraved whisky glasses and enjoy a Sour or two, whichever variation you prefer.

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