How should you store or display drinkware – a common dilemma

How should you store or display drinkware – a common dilemma

Whether it’s a treasured set of engraved crystal wine glasses or everyday glass tumblers, the debate about how to store or display your glassware goes on. Rim-side up or rim-side down, there are valid arguments for both sides and it essentially comes down to personal preference.

Rim-side up

Technically, the rim of a glass is the most delicate part and the most likely place to get chips or cracks, so supporters of rim-side up use the argument that this eliminates the danger of damage to glassware, which can result in the ultimate sacrifice of having to dispose of a much loved piece of crystal or glassware.

Storing your glassware rim-side up may seem like a sensible choice, as it protects what may be a treasured heirloom or family favourite. However there are benefits to storing your glassware the other way round.

Rim-side down

Storing glasses with the rim-side down is much more hygienic, proponents believe. Dust and other particles can gather in the bowl of the glass if stored rim-side up, especially if open shelving is used or in an older house where every movement and creak of floorboards can release dust into the air. Stored rim-side down, the interior of the glass is kept clean and dust-free.

However, there is a solution that can protect the rim and keep it clean, and that is a glass-mat. Commonly used in bars and restaurants all over the world, a glass-mat is designed to cushion the rim, protecting it from damage. Here at H Cooper Glass Engravers, we are happy to advise on care for your glassware and how to get the most enjoyment from it.

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